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I wish I could understand the hype behind summer, but after what seems like an eternity of dealing with summer in Florida, I could do without those sweaty summer days. Look, I enjoy warmer weather just as much as the next person, but when you add 100% humidity and daily thunderstorms to the mix? HARD PASS. But, after almost 23 years of dealing with summertime, I’ve found 10 summer essentials to keep me from looking like a hot, sweaty train wreck. Sure, you might feel like the inner depths of hell are consuming your entire body, but at least you won’t look like it!


  1. Cocovit Coconut Oil– It may seem counterintuitive to use any sort of oil during the summertime, but I promise it isn’t! If you spend a lot of time in chlorinated pools, you are damaging your hair and drying out your scalp. Coconut oil is your summer hair savior! Trust me. It’s also amazing to use on sunburns. Is there anything coconut oil can’t do? Doubtful!
  2. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation– Call me what you want, but I am NOT giving up makeup in the summer regardless of the temperature outside. Using a lighter coverage foundation isn’t really an option for me either because, well, #adultacne. But I’ve found the perfect summertime solution: the NARS foundation. It truly does not feel like I have anything on my face. In fact, it is more lightweight than any tinted moisturizer I’ve tried out. And the coverage is perfect. It dries to a semi-matte finish, and I don’t even need to powder my face after applying. Talk about a miracle product! For the full review of this foundation, click here!
  3. Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47– I couldn’t talk about summer essentials without mentioning a product with the most important of all summertime essentials: SPF. When it comes to skincare, I do my best to stick to companies that only use non-toxic ingredients. Josie Maran is one of my favorites, and is the most easily accessible.
  4. Beauty Blender– This magical, egg-shaped sponge applies foundation like a dream. I don’t need as much foundation to get amazing coverage, and the cool sponge feels incredibly refreshing. Plus, when I use this sponge, my foundation stays put all day. Magic, I tell ya!
  5. Macadamia Pro Nourishing Oil Spray– I’ve spoken about this oil spray before (click here for the full review!), and I maintain to this very day that this oil spray is a dream come true for thick-haired gals. Aside from the fact that it smells completely amazing, but I haven’t had to deal with annoying tangles and knots thanks to this spray. Beach days are no longer a hassle, mainly because this spray helps keep my hair in shape. Hurray!
  6. Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray– One of the worst things that can happen during the summer is a case of makeup meltdown. Simply put, this spray prevents that from happening. I use this on all of my bridal clients, and it works like a charm every time. This is a must have!
  7. Ofra HD Volumizing Waterproof Mascara– It’s pretty hard to find a waterproof mascara that is actually waterproof, but I’ve finally found the holy grail of waterproof mascaras. And I promise you it is truly waterproof: it did not budge when I went snorkeling in the Florida Keys. Click here for the full review!
  8. Ofra Semi-Permanent Waterproof Eyebrow Gel- When it comes to waterproof products, Ofra really hits the nail right on the head. The second Ofra product in my summer essentials list, this eyebrow gel is completely waterproof and is a staple in my summer beauty routine. And don’t worry about it being semi-permanent… I promise it actually washes off at the end of the day!
  9. Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint– This has been a new essential in my summer beauty routine, and I don’t really know how I lived without it. I received a sample of this product, and I surprisingly used it up pretty quickly. I love multi-use products for the summer because 1) I’m maaaad lazy and 2) it takes up way less room in my makeup bag. I have the color “Very Popular” and it is such a gorgeous color for the cheeks and the lips. And it’s long lasting, too!
  10. NARS Heat Wave Lipstick– And of course, I could not talk about summer essentials without mentioning one of my all-time favorite summer lipsticks: NARS Heat Wave. This matte coral lipstick is a staple in my summer makeup bag. I pretty much only wear this shade in the summer because it just feels wrong wearing it any other season. Weird, right?

Check out what everyone else’s summer essentials are, too!

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Real talk: I’m addicted to Instagram. I’ve always been more of a “visual” person than anything else, and there’s nothing better to me than a well-curated Instagram feed. There are three beauty Instagrammers that are constantly cranking out great content, so if you’re looking for some new people to follow, these are the ones to follow.

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Brittany from @lifesetsail truly knows how to compose an image. Plus, her makeup shots are always on point. I’m also a huge fan of her blog, which you can check out here. Her Instagram aesthetic is absolutely dreamy, and she has excellent taste in makeup and fashion. Never a dull image from this girl!

the best instagram feeds, best makeup instagram, best beauty instagrammers

Okay, so while not ~technically~ a beauty Instagram, you gotta give it to one of my dearest friends, Beulah: her Instagram feed is damn good. Beulah is easily the best photographer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and she is also incredibly down-to-earth and darling. Her photos are always so dreamy and beautifully composed, that I couldn’t not include it in my roundup. It’d be a sin! She also has a new blog, which I encourage you all to check out here.

I found Nicolle’s gorgeous Instagram through some of my green beauty blogging friends, and it is one of my favorite feeds. She’s all about that green beauty life, and her photos reflect that kinda clean living. She also does a lot of cool things to support the green beauty industry (like THIS Beauty Lab- I want to go so badly), and is the social media manager for Can she get any cooler?

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So who are YOUR favorite Instagrammers, and why?…

Following the Monochromatic Trend: Radiant Orchid Edition
Following the Monochromatic Trend: Radiant Orchid Edition

I can’t quite pinpoint when my obsession with monochromatic looks started, but I think it may have started in my graphic design classes in high school when we were forced to create work with a monochromatic color scheme since the printer couldn’t print more than one color. Sometimes monochromatic looks can be out-there and zany, and those tend to be the looks that get the most traction online. So when most people think “monochromatic makeup,” they probably think of shades of cobalt or violet splattered on the face in the most avant-garde way. Well, I am here to tell you it is entirely possible to make monochromatic totally wearable. I swear!

And since Pantone declared “Radiant Orchid” as the color of the year (which is really just a glorified name for the color magenta), I figured I would do a monochromatic look using magenta! And it is super easy to achieve this. For the eyes, I used a shimmery purple base (Chanel Illusoire Illusion D’Ombre), and topped it with a shimmery taupey-purple eyeshadow (Stila Encore Color Pigment). Make sure to blend it well into the crease, and add a light shimmery pink in the inner corners. Add eyeliner (I winged mine out) and mascara, and the eyes are done!

Now for a fun fact: my cheek color and lip color are exactly the same. I used an OCC Lip Tar as my lipstick and my blush. That’s a pro tip! I love how versatile lip tars are. I used the OCC Lip Tar in Lydia, which is this amazing mauve/magenta color, and I am totally obsessed with it as a blush color. When applying a lip tar as a blush, you only need the tiniest amount to blend onto your cheeks. For all my pale girls out there: this shade of blush looks AMAZING on. I was seriously surprised.

And that’s it. So easy! The best way to achieve monochromatic looks is using the same product for your lips and cheeks. Sometimes you can even manage to use the same product on the eyes, too. Depends on how spontaneous you’re feeling, though. Have you ever tried wearing a monochromatic makeup look out? Let me hear your stories!

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How To Make Your Lipstick Stay On
How To Make Your Lipstick Stay On

There are a lot of ways to make your lipstick stay put without fading away or rubbing off, and everyone has their own favorite way of doing it. But before I get started on my favorite method, I should mention how important it is that you’re using a highly-pigmented lip color. Sheer lipsticks will not last long. The more emollient the lipstick is, the less likely it will stay put. I have the most success with satin/demi-matte/matte lipsticks, because those stay on. And one more tip: make sure you exfoliate your lips before applying lip color. The smoother your lips, the longer your lipstick will stay on. Now onwards to the tutorial! The lipstick I am using is NARS Heat Wave and the lip liner I am using is Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip #17C. I am all about that coral life.

how to make lipstick stay on all day_ makeup

  1. My favorite method of applying lipstick is by layering. In the first step, I am working a small amount of lipstick into the lips to create a sort of stain. You could also use your finger to push the product into your lips. Don’t worry about being messy- we don’t need razor sharp edges yet… That’ll come later!
  2. After staining your lips, it is time to get a tissue out and blot. You’re going to notice that my method is just layering, then blotting, then layering, then blotting some more. You want to blot to make sure you get any excess lip product off your lips so your lipstick doesn’t transfer onto your glass, or worse… your date!
  3. Apply another layer of lipstick. For the first few layering jobs, I like to use a lip brush to work the product into my lips. Again, you don’t need to worry too much about being too tidy.
  4. Blot!
  5. Next, take a lip pencil that is the same color as your lipstick and begin lining your lips, and filling in your lips. This is where you get precise with your edges. If you make any mistakes lining your lips, just use your concealer to help define your lips further.
  6. Blot!
  7. Now I want the full impact of my NARS lipstick, so I am applying straight from the tube. You can still opt to use your lip brush.
  8. Blot one last time.

how to make lipstick stay on all day_ makeup (1)

And that is all there is to it. I had this lipstick on for 8 hours with only the slightest of fading (I ate multiple times (don’t judge me!!) and drank coffee as well… it was bound to happen!). I know some people like adding a translucent powder to “set” their lipstick, but I’m not a fan of how dry that makes my lips feel. What are some of your favorite methods to make your lipstick last through the day?…