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How To Make Your Lipstick Stay On
How To Make Your Lipstick Stay On

There are a lot of ways to make your lipstick stay put without fading away or rubbing off, and everyone has their own favorite way of doing it. But before I get started on my favorite method, I should mention how important it is that you’re using a highly-pigmented lip color. Sheer lipsticks will not last long. The more emollient the lipstick is, the less likely it will stay put. I have the most success with satin/demi-matte/matte lipsticks, because those stay on. And one more tip: make sure you exfoliate your lips before applying lip color. The smoother your lips, the longer your lipstick will stay on. Now onwards to the tutorial! The lipstick I am using is NARS Heat Wave and the lip liner I am using is Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip #17C. I am all about that coral life.

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  1. My favorite method of applying lipstick is by layering. In the first step, I am working a small amount of lipstick into the lips to create a sort of stain. You could also use your finger to push the product into your lips. Don’t worry about being messy- we don’t need razor sharp edges yet… That’ll come later!
  2. After staining your lips, it is time to get a tissue out and blot. You’re going to notice that my method is just layering, then blotting, then layering, then blotting some more. You want to blot to make sure you get any excess lip product off your lips so your lipstick doesn’t transfer onto your glass, or worse… your date!
  3. Apply another layer of lipstick. For the first few layering jobs, I like to use a lip brush to work the product into my lips. Again, you don’t need to worry too much about being too tidy.
  4. Blot!
  5. Next, take a lip pencil that is the same color as your lipstick and begin lining your lips, and filling in your lips. This is where you get precise with your edges. If you make any mistakes lining your lips, just use your concealer to help define your lips further.
  6. Blot!
  7. Now I want the full impact of my NARS lipstick, so I am applying straight from the tube. You can still opt to use your lip brush.
  8. Blot one last time.

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And that is all there is to it. I had this lipstick on for 8 hours with only the slightest of fading (I ate multiple times (don’t judge me!!) and drank coffee as well… it was bound to happen!). I know some people like adding a translucent powder to “set” their lipstick, but I’m not a fan of how dry that makes my lips feel. What are some of your favorite methods to make your lipstick last through the day?…